Let your customers do their transactions on-line

ClearService lets you offer a number of self-service options to your customers and potential customers. These range from services related to their accounts to buying products and services directly from you.

On-Line Catalog

ClearService features an on-line catalog with support for product thumbnails, multiple descriptions, multiple currencies, calculation of taxes/shipping charges, and on-line checkouts. Once a purchase has been made, the system has a fulfillment process to ensure that the items are shipped out to their destination. All transactions that occur within the on-line catalog appear seamlessly within the ClearService billing module and perform any credit card/other transactions exactly as if they were entered manually into the system.

View/Pay Invoices On-Line

ClearService allows customers to view invoices on-line along with the option to pay those invoices on-line (if you have a credit card gateway connected to the system). In this way, customers can get additional copies of any invoices they may have misplaced and see an up-to-date status on their overall account. They can also pull copies of historical invoices if they require them for accounting purposes.



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