Membership Management

Drive More Value To Your Members

In today's economy, members and stakeholders are demanding more value from their associations and chambers of commerce. ClearService helps you save time performing the critical day to day functions of your organization so that you can spend your time delivering more value to your members.

ClearService starts by giving you a 360 degree view of your members/potential members including contacts with association staff, electronic marketing communication they have received, visits to your website, event attendance, and invoice/payment history (or perhaps the lack of payment history).

Engage and promote your membership by offering on-line directories, events calendars, and elections/voting that tie into the master membership database.

Use powerful searching and reporting capabilities and then leverage that information within the system. For example, you can identify members that have their membership renewing shortly that have not attended any events, have had no contact with the organization, and are not using any value-added services or offerings then target them specifically with an e-mail or a phone call to let any orphaned members know you care.



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