Hosted PBX

The Most Flexible Phones You'll Ever Own

What would a 21st century phone look like? It would look like Liberated’s hosted PBX offerings. Whether you have all of your phones in one office or across the country/world, Liberated’s hosted PBX system can provide you a professional, reliable and flexible solution that typically costs less than traditional wired systems.

Great Features Including:

  • Your phones can go with you – whether you have them at the office, at home, or on the road – your phone can work with any Internet jack
  • Auto-attendant – route calls quickly and easily
  • Reliable – works as well as traditional phones
  • All the usual features – voicemail, away messages, conference calls, transfers, do not disturb, hold music, and many more

With or without your other systems

Liberated Hosted PBX can connect your phones into your computer systems to allow staff to “click-to-dial” or have the name of a customer pop-up on a screen when the phone is ringing. In addition, Liberated can provide customized tracking, recording, and dialing solutions that ensure that your phone world is closely connected to your technological world.


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