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An energetic company with a broad, mature perspective. But not TOO mature.

Liberated is a leading provider of custom software development, internet-based applications and quality consulting services. We provide online integrated, end to end services that suit your company. Our technology can help your business increase revenue and reduce expenses by improving efficiency.

Liberated has learned to grow and adapt to this ever-changing technology world. We incorporate current, innovative technology into our strategies providing truly effective business solutions for our clients. Our customers look to Liberated as a partner, working alongside them to move their organizations forward and boost their efficiency, customer engagement, and profits.

Liberated's customers include large corporate organizations, communication companies, Trade associations, and smaller retail businesses from a variety of industries. We have a strong background in developing technology for Human Resources Management and industry specific mobile applications tools.

Economic sectors which Liberated provides support to include but are not limited to: Construction, Health Care, Education, Financial Services, Tech Sector and Digital Industries, Skilled Trades, and Tourism and Recreation, as well as Manufacturing and Agricultural Production. 

We are committed to forming long-term client partnerships and delivering services to the global market. -And we're from right here: a local Halifax, Nova Scotia company growing it local in Canada.



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