Case Studies

The best way to understand our capabilities is to see Liberated in action. Below are stories of our customers and how our software solutions have liberated their business.


Perks Coffee


As Metro Halifax's number one independent coffee house, Perks Coffee delivers the very best in gourmet coffee, food and catering services. With four locations and a sleek, upscale atmosphere, Perks really is "the place to Expresso yourself."


Website Design


Perks wanted their recognizable and customer-centric physical environment to be reflected in an online presence that also offered additional accessibility and functionality to the user.
Primarily, Perks' increasing sales volume required streamlined order-taking processes for catering services.


The Liberated team used this website as an opportunity to market Perks products and company information while at the same time preventing order mix-ups, increasing response and turnaround times.
The new site allows customers to register for a Perks catering account, self-serve order forms and access product details - anytime of day or night.